Jeann Rose Fadul


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  1. Jeann Rose F. Fadul is a young Filipina artist from Philippines. She didn't take any courses of arts education, she just know how to do arts on her own way and passionate with it. She do carving woods, fruits, and soap. Mostly of her works are paintings and paintures (combination of carving and painting) she is also practicing portraits. She just started showing her works on social media during this pandemic times. She's a born again christian and devoted on serving God "My goal is to express how I feel through colors and also to spread gospel thru arts"


Finish Technical Vocational Livelihood at Paete Science and Business College here in Philippines

And took First year College of Bachelor of Science and Hospitality Management at Laguna State Polytechnic University

Also took a bread and pastry course at TESDA


Academic awards:

2018 With High Honor in Senior High

Couple of awards in Poster making, slogan, word factory, fruit carving, monologue etc.

Bread and Pastry NCII passer